Nikki Williams
Senior HR Manager
Vyarie Medical

I met George a handful of years ago at an event and here was this ball of sunshine, energy and compassion and within seconds she knew what I needed and has been doing that for me ever since! George has a talent (or gift some may call it!) to understand what people need and spookily appears in your WhatsApp/DMs to give it without you asking. George's gift of connecting people on values, culture and personality is spot on every single time and I have come to count on George for this unique ability and keep her in close counsel.

Molly Taylor
Managing Director

We had the pleasure of hosting a collaborative event with Georgina, the driving force behind the Women in HR Network. From the outset, Georgina showed a deep understanding of our company's values, culture, and the type of people we wanted to connect with. With her expert guidance, she curated a guest list that perfectly aligned with our business, creating an environment that was warm, intimate, and conducive to meaningful interactions. 
Throughout the entire process, Georgina has seamlessly integrated herself into our team, becoming more than just an external consultant, and going above and beyond in making sure that the event would be successful. Thanks to her expertise and support, both in the planning and follow up, we formed meaningful connections and opened doors to potential business opportunities.

Her ability to create tailored, impactful events combined with her extensive network, insight and expertise, make working with Georgina an invaluable asset for any business looking to foster meaningful connections and drive growth.

Gillian Jones-Williams
Managing Director
Emerge Development 

Georgina is the most amazing force of nature - when it comes to running events and bringing people together her talent is unrivalled. Her energy is boundless, her passion infectious and her dedication to ensuring everyone at the event has the most wonderful and productive time is incredible. She has the most amazing attention to detail and is probably one of the most creative problem solvers I have come across - as an events person you can expect major issues to occur on a daily basis and she deals with them with positivity, resilience and a wicked sense of humour. She has the most engaging personality and connects with everyone, lighting up a room when she enters. But she is also an incredibly astute businesswoman - a great combination of skills.